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…Tried it all?
Well get Ready for take off into a new Dimension of Living in the Flow…
It's countdown time… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast off with us into 2013!
But only if:
 You Are Ready Now to Feel More Connected… Yes?
 You Are Ready Now to Experience a New Level of Wealth…Yes?
 Isn't it time for a new Paradigm that is built on Creating Ease and Grace within our Daily lives? … Yes?
This is a time of Celebration… For the first time in history…
we are experiencing a Double Transformational Leap in Consciousness.
We know that lately there has been much talk about the New Energies Awakening the Feminine on December 21st 2012…

But what is Really about to Happen on that day in December?

We strongly need community at this time… And not just any Community… We are searching for that One that is built on the values that resonate with Us.

Our vision is to bring about a Whole-Hearted Community where we live, First and Foremost from the Heart practice of Mindfulness…
Mindful about How we treat Ourselves, How we treat Others and How we treat the Planet.

We have all been mis-treated… whether it has been done to us or from us, it is time for us all now to take a step in the right direction and begin to treat ourselves and others with understanding and care.

That is what the Divine Feminine Energy brings…
Activation of Awareness with Compassion in Action equals Ascension.
The balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine is so vital in the governing of almost everything in the World today. It is certainly necessary if we are to keep in tune with Natural Harmony and Equilibrium.

Equally, and on an individual level, it is important for each of us to recognize when we are embracing both the Divine Masculine and Feminine as a Whole. When we do welcome in the balance of the two, then we can live Whole-Heartedly in Wholeness.
We are discovering the relevance this balance has on our lives, our community and our environment. Consider this:

How will your Shift make a Difference in the World dynamic?

  • The importance of embracing the Divine Feminine Energy is buzzing in the socially conscious community… and for good reason.
  • The new energies that are coming in right now and that will compound until December 21, 2012 are here to support the greater activation and ascension for us to live in Unity Consciousness instead of Separation Consciousness.
  • Many things have occurred in our lives , we have each become fractured in our own way, but it is time to come back to a place of Wholeness and to Live as an Integrated Being, a Being that reflects the Truth of who You are….
So please place your name and email into the box below, so we can share all of the details with you
Get these Powerful
Sessions (a $497 Value)
We ask that you join us in this endeavor of ReAwakening what is already inherent within you… to call back the parts of you that have been distorted from the old paradigm and to embrace this vision...
 What does a Whole-Hearted community look like to you?
 What does a Whole-Hearted relationship look like to you?
 What would it mean for you to be Whole-Hearted?
We are just beginning this process as we have created a line up of speakers to share their ideas, insights and awareness of the Divine Feminine ReAwakening.

These Incredible heart centered speakers will tell us of their journey, so we too can learn to grow into a being that thrives on Creativity, Love, Harmony and Prosperity.

But we cannot do this alone… we need your Presence, your contribution and your support as this group will grow and expand due to the Supportive Synergy.

Hearts will be activated all over the World and we see these as little lights turning on, Sparking and Illuminating our World.

Get these Powerful
Sessions (a $497 Value)
Please place your name and email in the box on this page and join us… we will have time to gather together and activate the heart through the 12 rays of ReAwakening as we take you through guided journeys prior to each interview.
You will Discover the critical steps to:
  • Why is there a planetary shift towards Re-Awakening the Divine Feminine Energy at this time and what critical role does 2012 play in this?
  • Healing from centuries of abuse and neglect that is part of everyone’s DNA and how that can create magnificent positive changes in your life!
  • Uncover the 3 Secrets of balancing the sacred energies that when mastered FORCE the universe to send you what you desire and for the highest good of all !!!
  • Finally Learn to have excitement, joy and FUN in your life…. imagine waking up every day fully energized and excited ready for an adventure!
  • Get rid of the energy of struggle and lack. Learn the importance of balancing the Masculine & Feminine energies within ourselves and how all the mystics taught this as the focal point of their teachings!
  • What did all the Mystical Masters know about the real reasons behind feelings of lack, frustration or even depression? And how you can become a master creator as well by overcoming them….
We will create a safe space for you to come and listen and get your questions answered.
Again, we cannot do this alone, the Divine Feminine is about Collaboration and in that state, we open our hearts to listen to each person's wisdom and illuminate the highest good of all.
Eram is the producer of the Worldwide expansive tele summit series, From Heartache to Joy, where she interviews experts supporting individuals in healing old wounds and discovering their innate capacity to experience Joy.
Eram is also the founder of Journey to Joy Foundation, a global initiative launched to eradicate crimes against women such as honor killings and child marriages and to educate 100,000 women in the Eastern countries over the next year.
Christel Hughes, C.Ht is a Leading pioneer in Emotional Management and Relationship Strategies. As a Holistic Life Coach and highly sought after Multi- Sensory Intuitive she has inspired thousands of people around the world through her breakthrough methods for living free from Fear & Emotional Sabotage. Christel is the Author of 5 books including Taking Back Your Power, Be Love to Find Love, The Quantum Quickies Series & 10 Laws of Love.
Known as the "Spiritual Trainer to the Stars" due to her work supporting Celebrities in opening up to their gifts, setting healthy boundaries while going public and claiming their unique Power in their field, while not losing themselves in relationship to others. Christel’s formal training and certifications include Clinical Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy which began at the Behavioral Science Center, the only nationally accredited Hypnotherapy College. Christel is the CEO of Academy For the Soul, President of Empowering Journeys, Inc. and Creator of the Integrative Soul Technology Process. The IST process is a cutting edge technology of transformation that she has actively used in her decade long practice supporting Sport’s professionals, Practitioners, Psychotherapists, High Profile celebrities and Emmy Award winners.As an International leader, she is interviewed and speaks on Emotional & Energetic Management, Human Consciousness, Health & Healing, and Relationship Strategies.
We need your consciousness to fulfill our Unified mission of Creating a World of Love, Harmony, Joy and Prosperity.

Thank you for listening and being a part of our community…

Be with us in welcoming the New Vital Energies, Balancing the Masculine with the Feminine, Living harmoniously with All and our Planet.
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